We provide personalized consultancy services from conceptualizing your ideas to building your dream home. Key services include:

Land Acquisition & Feasibility

Consultancy services offered to help you make informed decisions to acquire land to meet your family’s and business needs and potential real estate growth in the future. We deal with government and regulatory authorities on your behalf for hassle-free land acquisition of your choice.

Construction Design Services & Approvals

You have the choice to work with our architecture team to meet your personal design requirements and obtain appropriate approvals from the government and regulatory bodies.

Architecture design & Survey

We provide land survey services to commence the architecture design process to provide you clear understanding of the practical aspects of your future home before construction.

Development Applications (DA)

Our architecture and survey team has decades of experience in design development and construction requirement under the BCA (Building Code of Australia) for lodging the application for appropriate approvals. On your behalf, we deal with the authorities for the best outcomes of your DA in your favor.

Project Consultancy & Costing

We provide construction project consultancy services including civil, structural, hydraulic engineering. We also provide costing services of your project for budget estimation and develop required documentation to approach your funding authorities.

Knock Down & Rebuild

Our consultancy services includes due diligence on potential houses for knock down and rebuild – which includes the appropriate approvals and documentation for demolition process including asbestos removal and organizing the site clearance for designing a new single/duplex residence.

Duplex houses and Unit title application process

You can leverage on our decades of experience on design and construction of duplex houses. Our team of private certifiers provide you services for Unit title process to ensure units are legally separated.